Where Life had No Value, Death, Sometimes, Had its Price

score for voices

for pablo x
   & nancy e
I like a look of agony  

to a discerning eye

camera eye a cruising vulture

over rubble, unfinished buildings

outskirts of no walls no stairs

humans who live after us

against us your hearts not harden

stranger standing beyond novelty

arrival a creak of laid boards

materialized out of thin air

do not sham Convulsion

nor simulate a Throe

makeshift camera sails past

shadow of thistle, rusty iron

broken color comics

the flesh chopped devoured rotten

we bones ash and powder

stood examining a poster

its sketch and customary legend

Mexican fashion Texas style

Eyes glaze Death Impossible

Beads By Anguish strung

camera zooms past bright flutter

medieval flowers, tethered goat

lean gossip cooking old folklore

of our troubles no one laugh

nor have disdain of we who hang

faint sense of visible below

stranger low-slung itching to kill

stranger with no indication turned

straightway dangerous

like Stillness in Air

Camera sweeps outlined sky

here camera stops

bright windy blue moon sings

Never any time are we tranquil

but swing here, there, with the wind

faint glint in slitted eyes

uneasy hair-trigger violence

reward on delivery, to Man with No

Eyes around me witnessed

what light I could not see to see

words from:

Emily Dickinson,
"I like a look of Agony",
"Much Madness is divinest Sense",
"I heard a Fly buzz--when I died"
William S. Burroughs,
The Wild Boys
Francois Villon
"l'Epitaphe Villon"
(translations chirot)
Joe Millard, Sergio Leone & Fulvio Morsella
For a Few Dollars More

Dave Baptiste Chirot

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